Brandon Hall Group's

Human Capital Management Academy

What Workshops Are Offered?

We are featuring the following workshops at our HCM Excellence Conference 2017 in Palm Beach Gardens, on January 24th and 25th:



This session will explore foundational principles of human capital measurement and analytics, based on Brandon Hall Group research, to help your organization understand what measures and data points you should target to help you better manage your business and enhance your key differentiators in the marketplace. We will show you how your organization can enhance its measurement maturity, and figure out the right questions to be asking with your analytics tools.

Present our model for Learning Convergence, and then lead small groups in action learning exercise using real-life scenarios in case study format. Groups come together to share lessons learned, takeaways to put to use back home.


More information will be available soon.

Using tools that we are developing – frameworks for EVP and for defining EVP, we walk attendees through the way to think about EVP, and then break into groups to work on defining EVP using a real-life scenario case study.


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In today’s global and distributed knowledge economy, talent is the only significant differentiator of business results. In Brandon Hall Group’s annual talent management study, 94% of organizations indicated their talent management was ineffective. They told us their top concerns were engaging employees, developing leaders, and retaining top talent. Taken together, these issues represent a real opportunity to accelerate the business impact of talent strategies in most organizations, regardless of region or industry.


The CEO, other senior business leaders, and HR and Talent leaders should act as internal consultants to the business and to each other to implement a talent strategy that creates and sustains organizational success.


This workshop -- a strategic “tell-me, show-me, let-me-try” laboratory-like approach -- is centered around Brandon Hall Group’s proprietary framework for talent management excellence. The workshop presents leading practices and offers a practical diagnostic tool to enable decisions and pragmatic actions for accelerating the business impact of talent management.

60-minute lecture followed by two 45-60 minute breakouts split between TM and L&D

Introduction of Brandon Hall Group’s technology selection methodology, followed by action planning on how to determine needs, involve key stakeholders and effectively narrow the list of providers.


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