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As the struggle for gender balance in the workplace continues, nowhere is there more opportunity – or potential disaster – than in the tech sector. Technology is changing our world at the most rapid pace in history. And the representation of women in technology leadership lags behind national norms at an alarming rate. Now, you can make a difference by joining our highly influential group of thought leaders!


Brandon Hall Group has partnered with The Blue Circle Leadership Institute and its renowned founder, Bonnie St. John, to launch a Women in Technology Leadership Network and Advisory Council.

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We invite you to join our Women In Leadership network where we feature a dedicated focus to Advancing Women in Tech Leadership as well as other areas of leadership development and diversity and inclusion. It's completely free to join, simply email us at to request your access ID and password. You will gain access to research, reports, articles, blogs, tools, workshops, discussion groups and Q&A with subject matter experts and other peers in the network. Request your access today!

Our Advisory Council

Jenny Dearborn

Senior VP and Chief Learning Officer


Monica LaRosa

Director of Talent Technology


Lou Tedrick

Vice President, Global Learning & Development


*Please check back as we continue to add council members

Upcoming Events



Advancing Women in Technology Careers and Companies

a featured workshop at the HCM Excellence Conference 2018

Starting with a panel of women tech leaders, we will highlight the ways we can effect change systemically as well as for individual women. Then, we will roll up our sleeves in small groups to “crowd source” ideas and solutions. To read the complete workshop description and learn more about registration, click here.



Women In Leadership Summit 2018: June 6-7, 2018

a 1-1/2 day summit dedicated to advancing women in leadership

We aim to diagnose the current state of women in leadership at your organization, share leading practices for driving greater opportunities and creating a higher-impact future state for women leaders. You will also create and develop new relationships and strengthen your ability to coach and mentor, and serve as a role model and leader inside and outside your organization. To see view the program and learn more about registration, click here.

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